Chapter Membership Directory

The current membership directory for the East Tennessee Chapter of ASHI is found below.
Service areas are classified as follows:
- Chattanooga: serving greater Chattanooga, Cleveland, Northwest Georgia and surrounding counties
- Knoxville: serving the greater Knoxville and surrounding counties
- Tri-Cities: serving Kingsport, Johnson City, Greeneville, SW Virginia and surrounding counties
- Plateau: serving Cookville, Crossville and surrounding counties.

There are three designations for our membership:ASHI-Gold-small
- ACI - Certified Inspectors - Members of ASHI have met certain requirements:
                Passed the National Home Inspector Examination andASHI's Standards and Ethics Examination.
                Had inspection reports successfully verified for compliance withASHI's Standards of Practice.
                Submitted valid proof of performance of at least 250 fee-paid home inspections that meet or exceed 
                         the ASHI Standards of Practice.
                Remain current on ASHI’s requirement for 20 hours of continuing education annually

- CL - Associate Inspectors with Logo - Candidates with Logo Use Privilege have met most 
                                                                                                         of the requirements for Member status:
                They have passed the National Home Inspector Examination and ASHI'sStandards and Ethics Examination.
                ASHI has verified performance of 50 fee-paid inspections in substantial compliance with the Standards of Practice.
- CN - Associate Inspectors - Candidates have not yet met the ASHI Member requirements, however:
                Candidates may be highly experienced inspectors who have just joined ASHI, or they may be novice inspectors 
                    who have completed training or otherwise entered the profession.


Showing 21 items
Member NameTelephoneEmailWebsiteLicense #Member TypeService Area
Member NameTelephoneEmailWebsiteLicense #Member TypeService Area
Bart Hamilton 423.331.8224 1136 1) ACI Chattanooga 
Dave Fletcher    TN #38 retired 1) ACI Chattanooga 
Jim Boston 423.802.9935 TN #210 1) ACI Chattanooga 
Ken Fast 423.326.2008 TN #28 1) ACI Chattanooga 
Mike Jezek 423.326.2008 TN HI # 1192 1) ACI Chattanooga 
Paul Edmonson 423.421.7095 TN #121 1) ACI Chattanooga 
Roger Williamson 423.301.1000 TN #226 1) ACI Chattanooga 
Al Chase 865.688.7638 TN #12 1) ACI Knoxville 
Jack Feldmann 865.693.7109 TN #52 1) ACI Knoxville 
Mike Steinle 865.599.6200 TN #303 1) ACI Knoxville 
Mike Walkup 865.696.1116  TN #262 1) ACI Knoxville 
Mike Waraksa 865.694.6332 TN #236 1) ACI Knoxville 
Peter Waraksa 865.694.6332 TN #62 1) ACI Knoxville 
Richard Petzold 865.525.8877 349 1) ACI Knoxville 
Sammy Arms 865.680.0959 TN #10 1) ACI Knoxville 
Tom Maides 865.453.9965 TN #57 1) ACI Knoxville 
Dan Goodson 865.661.7561 308 2) CL Knoxville 
Paul Perry 866.522.7708 TN #334 1) ACI Plateau 
David Shumaker 423.366.0979  TN #444 1) ACI TriCities 
Ralph Havener 423.753.7431  TN #30 1) ACI TriCities 
Tom Hatley 423.343.7678 TN #107 1) ACI TriCities 
Showing 21 items